Why Professional Sanitization and Disinfection Service becomes more important?

Soon after the world is hit by the pandemic: One thing that has swiftly entered our lives is Sanitization!
Disinfection and sanitization service
Proper and professionally done sanitization and disinfection service come with a lot of beneficial aspects. It will ensure the maintenance of a healthy and virus free environment.

Sanitization and disinfection are the processes where the use of chemical and heat is done in a proper way to disinfect the house and commercial places.

It is after pandemic situation people have become more aware of maintaining good hygiene and disinfecting the frequently used surfaces around them. Since there is no proven way to handle this current on going situation, Sanitization plays a very powerful role.

People now have well-understood the importance of cleanliness to fight against the spread of this deadly disease. Prior to this, it is hard to remember a time where people have paid so much attention to the sanitization and disinfection process as a part of their lives.

Favorz is a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs. We are spread across Pan-India and are on-demand cleaning and sanitization service provider mainly catering to homes, offices to pre handover projects following best industry practices.

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The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting


Cleaning, Sanitization and disinfection
It is very essential to understand the difference between – Cleaning, Sanitization and Disinfecting. Majority of people do not understand the difference. Before we plunge into more detail, let us help you understand the difference between these three points in detail:

  • Cleaning: Cleaning is the process of removal of germs with the help of water and certain type of detergent. Certain pathogens are removed via the cleaning process. Moreover, certain dirt and debris is also removed from a surface by scrubbing, washing and proper rinsing.


  • Sanitizing: It is a process where a specialized agent is used to reduce the germs on a surface or an object.


  • Disinfecting: Disinfecting kills all the germs. It eliminates all the pathogens completely. Disinfection destroys or inactivates both the viruses and bacteria.


It is really important to go for regular sanitization and disinfection service. This will help you lower the risk of spreading viruses and germs. If you are looking for best professional sanitization service? Book service with us!


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Top 10 Benefits of Hiring Professional Sanitization and Disinfection Service


Benefits of sanitization services
It is always better to call the professionals for sanitization service. Expert can save you from a lot of trouble. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire professional sanitization and disinfection service:

1. Relax and Enjoy: While things like cleaning, disinfecting, sanitization is important, it requires plenty of time and energy for doing the work properly. Often, high-touch areas are neglected when tasks like sanitization and disinfection are done without the help of the experts. Only professional cleaners know that it is important to let the sanitizer settle on the surface for a while to make the space germ-free. Favorz stand in support with you during the most sensitive phase of your life.

2. Specialized Equipment and Technology: Professionals have the required set of latest equipment and technology to make the disinfection and sanitization service quick, easy, stress-free procedure. They posses the most advanced cleaning tools and machine that helps to provide highly effective disinfection and sanitization service.


3. It Block the Growth of Bacteria and Viruses: Amidst the outbreak of the ongoing deadly pandemic, everyone is trying their best to stay away from the microorganisms. Sanitization and disinfectant is necessary to kill such microorganisms.


4. Convenience: Not everyone can bear or adjust the smell of those strong sanitizers and disinfectors. With the option of professional disinfection sanitization service, people who are allergic to such smells have all the choices to stay away from the site.


5. You Get Better Results: Comparing the results of a professional and non-professional is like comparing day and night. Even after scrubbing and cleaning your residential or commercial spaces for days, the outcomes cannot match that of a professional service provider.


6. Trained and Experienced Staff: With proficient and experienced staff, the job of sanitization becomes a cakewalk. Experts are trained to disinfect and clean all types of residentiary areas, commercial buildings, and other facilities. They go through comprehensive training to clean fierce and stern of places and are well equipped to manage all types of environment.


7. Environment-Friendly: Unlike others, we use non-toxic and products with eco-friendly properties. Thus, it reduces any hoof marks when you get proper disinfection and cleaning from professionals.


8. Sanitization Services Provides High Quality Service: Maintaining a high quality hygiene is very essential for both commercial and residential premises. It is only achieved only when it is professionally done. At Favorz, we follow exceptional sanitization services, so you can rest assure that you are in a safe hands. At the same time, professional follows outstanding sanitization practices.


9. Sanitization Services Understands the Importance of Thorough Cleaning: Professionals understands the importance of cleaning and uses materials and techniques that are best to use.


10. Sanitization Services Focuses on Safety on Priority: Professionals are aware of robust safety protocols. The experts undergo extensive training which is done to ensure the safety of the customers. To know how to clean key surfaces to prevent the spread of diseases.


For business and residential spaces disinfection and sanitization service is a great investment.

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Professional Home Sanitization Service


Home sanitization service
Winning the battle against germs isn’t easy as it seems. Our home is the place where we spent maximum number of times, hence it is very essential to disinfect and sanitize your home on a regular basis. Staying indoor in this current pandemic situation is a must, but is your home free from germs and diseases?

The most essential thing that we need to understand is that cleaning home has a different process than disinfecting. As disinfecting thoroughly eliminates the germs on any surface but on the other hand, cleaning only eliminates them from the said surface.

Door knobs, handles and other things that we touch daily like table tops, television and other surfaces need to be sanitized and disinfected thoroughly.

Hence, cleaning is just not enough to prevent the transmission of virus and bacteria. To prevent infection, sanitization along with few precautionary measures are required. This is where it is very important to reach out to the professionals sanitization service.



Professional Office Sanitization Service


office sanitization service
It is very essential to take all the necessary steps to clean the office as much as possible because it gives the employees the confidence in their safety. Besides taking all the necessary precautions it is very important to sanitize and deep clean your workplace regularly.

Though you won’t find all the areas contaminated in your workplace but still it is very difficult to find spaces that are less contaminated. It demands sanitizing and disinfecting the vertical edge of the counter or the table and not just only the surface.

From workstation, meeting rooms to elevator all these are extremely high risk areas which should be sanitized and disinfected from time to time.

At Favorz, we follow extremely professional disinfection and sanitization process not only for your office space but for your residential spaces too. So take step today and protect yourself, your loved ones and your employees tomorrow!

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Favorz Sanitization Process


The process of sanitization is quite simple. First, we thoroughly access the place which you would like to have sanitized and then we develop a mitigation strategy where we apply the right disinfectant to make your premises safe.

Our proven methods enable you get rid of germs, bacteria and micro-organism. Furthermore, we develop a plan to reduce interruption to your premises. We use disinfectants to sanitize areas that are critical to work and to humans. This involves using a disinfectant that is safe and harmless to the humans and to organic materials

We use Hydrogen Peroxide solution which is diluted in water and is sprayed under high pressure, using our patented spray pump, so that it forms so small particles that they reach out to small and minute areas

At, Favorz we work with experts that are highly experienced, trained and knowledgeable in disinfecting and sanitizing the premises.


Why Choose Favorz Sanitization and Disinfection Service


1. The service provider onboarded on Favorz are approved only after extensive background check
2. We use Certified hospital grade disinfectant
3. WHO recommended process
4. EPA Approved Chemicals
5. Stringent Safety Protocols Followed


Finest Quality Sanitization Service:


We, at Favorz are known for providing special add on services such as deep rug and upholstery/couch cleaning for improved prolongation, firm and pristine look. We offer much more than cleaning services that includes air duct cleaning, carpet deep cleaning, and much more.

Let’s Wrap it up!

While deep and thorough cleaning itself has become a weekly job, the sanitization of the entire house, office, furniture or outdoor areas can give you a lot of trouble as it is not same as cleaning. Hiring a professional for sanitization and disinfection service is always a good idea.

Want to sanitize your home or workplace? Book the service with us!

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To book professional sanitization and disinfectant service, reach out to us at +91 98183 52166/ +91 80104 89489 / 096258 68347 or email us at – info@favorz.in.

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Have more to say about the benefits of professional disinfection and sanitization service? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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