• Sofa Vacuuming – Industrial grade cleaners for getting rid of all dust and debris from the sofas.
  • Appropriate sofa cleaning methods used – Sofa Shampooing, Sofa Dry Cleaning and Sofa steam cleaning, on request.
  • Cleaning of sofa legs and armrest
  • Read more about our Sofa Cleaning Service FAQS to know more about Sofa Cleaning in Greater Noida

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Professional Sofa Cleaning Service in Greater Noida

Your expensive sofa faces lot of wear and tear. Right from getting exposed to pollution to various other things that might leave behind tough and challenging stains, which at times if left untreated gets difficult to remove.

Such stains and deeper layers of dust may not be cleaned by your methods of sofa dry cleaning at home.

Thus, we at Favorz bring to you the doorstep the best sofa cleaning service in Greater Noida which you can book online at the comfort of your home.

We are the team of best professional Sofa Dry Cleaners in Greater Noida who are well trained and have years of experience in fabric sofa cleaning, leather sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning services.


So, whether you are looking for fabric sofa cleaners, leather sofa cleaners or upholstery cleaning service, Favorz provides you with an easy platform to book your request to hire professional sofa cleaners in Greater Noida.

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  • Do you provide cleaning for all types of fabric?

    Yes, we do. Our Fabric sofa cleaners are expert in handling and cleaning all types of sofa fabrics whether it is natural, synthetic or leather.

  • How to identify the sofa fabric?

    Look for the tag or a label on the fabric sofa that contains a cleaning code represented by a letter. This cleaning code will tell you what type of fabric it is and how it needs to be cleaned:

    • “S” or “P”: This cleaning code indicates that should be cleaned with water free solvents. Never use water for these types of sofas as it may cause shrinkage, discolouration, and water stains. Thus, with these type of sofas one should opt for sofa dry cleaning method.
    • “W”: If your sofa has “W” on the tag, it means water based cleaning agents can be used for its cleaning. But always use distilled water and never use tap water as it contains minerals which may cause rings or fading. In this case we always advise our customers to opt for Sofa steam cleaning method for best results.
    • “W” or “S”: This code means that your sofa can be cleaned either with water based solvents or water free dry-cleaning detergent. Still, we prefer to use dry foam solvents instead of going for the sofa steam cleaning to be on the safer side.
    • “X” : Sofa with code “X” on the tag can neither be cleaned with dry cleaning solvents nor water-based cleansers, or any kinds of foam. All you can do is either sofa vacuuming or light brushing to remove the dust and debris. In such case you should always opt for professional sofa cleaning services.
    • “O”: It means the material is organic, and should be washed using cold water.

  • What methods you follow for fabric sofa cleaning in Greater Noida?

    • Sofa Vacuuming: Firstly the Fabric Sofa is properly vacuumed so that all the dust and debris are removed.
    • Identifying the Sofa Fabric: Most fabric sofa comes with a tag stating instructions about how to clean fabric sofa and accordingly the sofa cleaning method is used.
    • Chemical Injection: Spraying the eco-friendly cleaning chemical using the Spray Injection machine.
    • Sofa Scrubbing: Advanced Foam generating machine is used followed by deep sofa scrubbing.
    • Dry Cleaning of Sofa: Fabric Sofa is then dry cleaned making sure all the dirt is sucked out.
    • Let the sofa dry for 3-4 hours before using it.

  • What methods you follow for leather sofa cleaning?

    As much as leather sofa looks elegant in your drawing room, we cannot deny that this material is sensitive. Therefore, the intent behind Leather Sofa Cleaning is to protect the material by removing dirt particles and oils.

    Sofa Vacuuming: Firstly the leather sofa is properly vacuumed to ensure that all loose soil and dust has been vacuumed thoroughly from crevices and surfaces.

    Gentle Scrubbing: After this, special eco-friendly sofa cleaning agent is used mixed with distilled water and is gently scrubbed all over the leather sofa.

    Sofa Drying: With a soft dry cloth or rag, the sofa is dried up wiping away the cleaning chemical residue.

    Sofa Conditioning: Leather sofa is then conditioned with a safe conditioner to remove all the oils and protect and moisturize it. This conditioning prevents the sofa material from feeling sticky or greasy and creates a barrier that blocks soils from reaching the sofa material.

    Now let the sofa dry for 3-4 hours before using it

  • How long does it take for sofa to dry?

    Although high quality foam generating machines are used to ensure drying time is reduced by 80%, it can take between 3-4 hours for the sofa to completely dry depending on the weather conditions (humidity, temperature etc). It is highly recommended that you plan accordingly, so that sofa is completely dried out before use again.

  • How often should I opt for professional Sofa Cleaning Service to keep my sofa and upholstery properly cleaned?

    We always advice our client’s to get their sofa and upholstery cleaned once in 6-12 months to maintain a good image and continued hygiene care.

  • Will your chemicals harm my sofa?

    No. We make sure that we do not use any harmful chemicals in the sofa cleaning process. The cleaning agents that we use are Eco-friendly and will not harm your sofa.

  • Does your sofa cleaning process removes all spots and stains from the sofa?

    It cannot be guaranteed that all spots or stains will get removed after sofa cleaning as certain stains like ink stains, oil stains, tea stains, old food stains permanently discolor the sofa upholstery. Also depending on the age and type of sofa, it could be hard to remove all spots/stains. Our service professional can confirm at the time of service if there are stains which cannot be removed.

  • Do I need to do anything prior to the sofa cleaner arrives for Sofa dry cleaning in Greater Noida?

    We advise you to clear the area for Sofa dry cleaning at home. Remove all the breakables and pick up all the items from the floor, such as rags, plants and toys etc.

    In case of sofa dry cleaning in office, we recommend to provide us a room for sofa cleaning so that we can carry out the work without disturbing the office environment.