Professional Sanitization Service Details in Faridabad

  • Favorz use disinfectants to sanitize areas that are critical to work and to humans. This involves using a disinfectant that is safe and harmless to the humans and to organic materials
  • We use Hydrogen Peroxide solution which is diluted in water and is sprayed under high pressure, using our patented spray pump, so that it forms so small particles that they reach out to small and minute areas
  • Professional Sanitization services in Faridabad starting @ 699/-
  • Certified hospital grade disinfectant used
  • WHO recommended process
  • EPA approved Chemicals
  • Favorz aim to protect your home or business against infectious bacteria, viruses and diseases
  • Lowest price for office and home sanitization services in Faridabad
  • Read more about our professional  sanitization service FAQ’s to know more about our sanitization services in Faridabad

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Professional Sanitization Services in Faridabad

Sanitization and disinfection has become the highest priority. There has been an urge and need to stay and work in a clean environment.

No matter how much effort you would put to regularly sweep and clean your home it can’t provide effective sanitization that one requires in this current pandemic situation.

Favorz strive hard to provide dedicated and result-giving team of trained professionals who provides you with sanitization services in Faridabad. We do not compromise on the quality of the cleaning solvents. We use eco-friendly and government-approved products for the office sanitization services because we care about your loved ones.

We assure you that our trained professionals will not disappoint you with their work. They use highly specialized machines and equipment to meet your demands and satisfy you with the best results.

RESIDENTIAL SANITIZATION SERVICES IN FARIDABAD: It is very essential to win the battle against various invisible enemies such as viruses and bacteria. Hence, you need to sanitize everything and your home forms the topmost priority.

Hence, Favorz aim to take care every aspect of your place. We use highly advanced technology for sanitizing your residential spaces effectively.

COMMERCIAL SANITIZATION SERVICES IN FARIDABAD: We don’t really think about how often we use the things at our desk or in our office and we definitely do not think about sanitizing them.

This is a huge problem because a good amount of the bacteria in an office can be found on our desks and right at our fingertips.

Phones can collect a large number of bacteria because our mouth is so close to it and it rarely gets cleaned after using it. Keyboards and mouse are also a breeding ground for germs because they are being touched all day long. Hence, this is where professional office sanitization services in Faridabad steps in.

Favorz is a professional expert in office sanitization services in Faridabad. Our Office sanitization services expert in Faridabad will reach to your office to provide you with the quality sanitization services in Faridabad.

Our Office Sanitization services will make your life easy and will save your time and money.

Book Favorz Sanitization Services in Faridabad!

Get professional sanitization services in Faridabad for your residential and commercial premises now by booking online or by calling Favorz. We would love to give our skilled utility service that keeps you stress-free all along as we take care of your house impeccably.

Your happiness in our goal. If you are not happy we will work hard to make it right! Rescheduling, contacting professional sanitization services in Faridabad and paying are just a tap away!

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  • Q. What is Sanitization?

    Sanitization is a process that involves cleaning high touched areas, in order to make it clean and free from all kinds of viruses, germs and bacteria. Through this process a number of micro organism are eliminated and reduced from the service.

  • Q. How much time does it take to complete the sanitization process?

    Time may vary depending upon the area. For instance, a 2BHK house with 800 sq feet area might take up to 60 minutes.

  • Q. How does Favorz carry out the sanitization process?

    • Favorz use disinfectants to sanitize areas that are critical to work and to humans. This involves using a disinfectant that is safe and harmless to the humans and to organic materials.
    • We use Hydrogen Peroxide solution which is diluted in water and is sprayed under high pressure, using our patented spray pump, so that it forms so small particles that they reach out to small and minute areas. These hydrogen peroxide particles actually float in air and start binding with the bacteria and other germs and causing an enzymatic action on them and killing them.
    • The sprayed room now has to be left overnight for the whole area to be sanitized. During the process, no AC’s or vents are to be operated or opened. Once the spraying is done, we leave the area/room closed for 4-6 hours for the action to take place.
    • The area is sanitized and can be checked for any harmful organism by doing a particle test or culture swabs or samples of air. Subsequently, the AC’s can be put on, for 1 hour so that the circulation of particles is done properly.
    • Post the whole process, people are allowed inside the area for work.
    • Dedicated after service support is provided to the customer.

  • Q. On what factor does the cost of sanitization services in Faridabad depends upon?

    The cost of sanitization services in Faridabad depends upon the size of the building or area to be treated. It also depends on the type of facility and the type of service required.

  • Q. How often does sanitization service need to be carried out?

    Again this also depends upon various factors. Such as, type of business and what the building is used for. It is a commercial section that it needs to be treated more frequently to ensure the safety of the employees.

  • Q. Why hire professionals for sanitization services?

    One of the primary reasons for professional sanitization and disinfection service is to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

    It is an advance level of deep cleaning process which is very different from regular deep cleaning.

    Hence, it requires an in-depth level of knowledge and expertise of various cleaning agents and methods.

    A lack of profound knowledge can lead to severe health issues as the products that are used in professional sanitization process and deep cleaning is totally different.

  • Q. What all areas or segment will be covered in sanitization service?

    Every aspect of your home and commercial spaces will be covered in professional disinfection and sanitization services in Faridabad

  • Q. Do I need to vacate the area after the service?

    Yes. We strongly recommend it. It is advisable not to enter the area for 1 hour.

  • Q. Favorz professional sanitization services in Faridabad

    The “largest city in the Indian state of Haryana” have been severely affected by the pandemic and the resident of Faridabad needs to act fast. Hence, you must get your home/office sanitized and disinfected on a regular basis.

    This is the precise reason why you should hire Favorz professional disinfection and sanitization services in Faridabad.

    Favorz is known for providing best professional disinfection and sanitization services in Faridabad at lowest price. Our team of trained experts have great amount of knowledge and expertise to disinfect and sanitize each and every corner of your premises.

  • Q. How will our relationship work?

    At Favorz, we understand the importance of communication, especially when it comes to important valuables in your house and any specific cleaning requests that you may have. We value your trust and will go above and beyond to do everything possible to earn it by performing reliable and top-notch sanitization service tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

  • Q. What if I need to reschedule the service?

    If you wish to reschedule the service please give us a call about 72 hours before the service. We will do our best to accommodate sanitization service according to your next schedule.

  • Q. Where all do you provide sanitization services in Faridabad?

    • Commercial locations of all types, such as offices, schools, community spaces, healthcare centers, retail spaces, small warehouses etc.
    • Residential locations
      Any other location where the customer would like to avail the service.

  • Q. Residential Sanitization Services in Faridabad

    Winning the battle against germs isn’t easy as it seems. Our home is the place where we spent maximum number of times, hence it is very essential to disinfect and sanitize your home on a regular basis. Staying indoor in this current pandemic situation is a must, but is your home free from germs and diseases.
    Door knobs, handles and other things that we touch daily like table tops, television and other surfaces need to be sanitized and disinfected thoroughly. This is where Favorz professional home sanitization services in Faridabad steps in.

    If you are on a hunt for high quality residential/home sanitization services in Faridabad, Favorz services is a one stop solution for all. Our team uses highly advanced technology and offer safe and healthy environment. Moreover, we use high tech method and agents to disinfect and sanitize every nook and corner of your premises.

  • Q. Commercial Sanitization Services in Faridabad

    It is very essential to ensure virus free environment for commercial spaces. It will go to keep your employees, employers and other working officials in your workspace safe.
    Commercial sections are constantly exposed to germs. Our highly advanced office sanitization services in Faridabad will help you stay safe at work. We will come to your location as per your schedule and provide best office sanitization services in Faridabad.

  • Q. Why choose Favorz sanitization services in Faridabad?

    Team Favorz is proud to offer professional sanitization service and employ professionals who are skilled in their work. We only onboard vendors after extensive background check. Each member is trained on every step of our detailed cleaning plans. This is just a few reasons why customers trust Favorz Sanitization services in Faridabad.

    • Hospital Grade Disinfectant Used. Team Favorz make it a point to use chemicals that have been approved by Government.
    • Professionals always come well equipped with protective gear and protective suit that includes gloves, masks, safety googles while delivering the service ensure safety of yourself and themselves as well.
    • Provides complete sanitization of high touched areas. Favorz disinfection and sanitization service that includes completely fumigation of the area that includes thoroughly wiping of high touched points such as handles, doors etc.

    Looking for disinfection and sanitization services in Faridabad, you know whom to call!

  • Q. Who all should get sanitization service like this?

    Sanitization service is recommended for all those who needs to reassure the family members as well as the employees that it is safe to live and work in high traffic areas. Just schedule sanitization services with us and we will help you figure it out.

  • Q. When should I go for sanitization services in Faridabad?

    You should opt for sanitization services in Faridabad if the surfaces are more exposed to bacteria, virus and other kinds of germs.


  • Q. How much does commercial sanitization services in Faridabad costs?

    The cost for sanitization services in Faridabad depends on wide range of factors which includes location and size. The type of facility and potential risk involved.
    Sanitization services pricing is usually calculated based on square foot area.