Professional Home Cleaning Service Details in Bhubaneshwar

  • Well trained, Top rated Professional Home Cleaners in Bhubaneshwar
  • Deep scrubbing, disinfection and descaling each and every corner of your house
  • Thorough cleaning of living areas, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms & balconies
  • Sweeping, mopping, floor scrubbing and removing cobwebs all around the house
  • Sofa and other upholstery vacuum cleaning
  • 20% advance payment for slot booking purpose
  • Bio degradable cleaning agents from Johnson Diversey
  • Mechanized cleaning of all floors areas by scrubbing machine & Taski cleaning agents
  • Exterior cleaning of all furniture
  • 100% Sparkling and Shiny Home
  • Read more about our house cleaning services FAQ’s to know more about our Home cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar

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Professional Home Cleaning Service in Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar – which is dubbed the “Temple City” is full of fascinating people. Here the resident of this beautiful city is so busy with their hectic schedule that they hardly get time for household work.

A Clean home is a happy home. Hence, when the surroundings and place around you is clean, you automatically feel healthy and happy.

Regular cleaning is sometimes not sufficient and this is where the professional home cleaners steps in to clean your home sweet home.

Your day to day cleaning may not be enough to clean each and every corner of your home and there are areas where a lot of dust, dirt gets deposited without your notice.

Favorz is a professional expert in Home deep cleaning services in Bhubaneshwar. Our deep cleaning service experts will reach out to your door-steps for providing you with the quality home deep cleaning services. Our Home deep cleaning service will make your life easy by saving your time and money.

We are a dedicated and result-giving team of professionals who provides you with the home cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar. We do not compromise on the quality of the cleaning solvents. We use eco-friendly and government-approved products for the deep cleaning of your home because we care about your loved ones.

If you are looking for healthy surroundings at your home, we provide you with the best deep cleaning services we can offer in town. Count on our home cleaning service for a germ-free and hygienic home.

We assure you that our trained professionals will not disappoint you with their work. They use highly specialized machines and equipment to meet your demands and satisfy you with the best results.

We at Favorz bring to your doorstep the best professional home cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar which you can book online anytime and anywhere you want. We have a team of professional home cleaners in Bhubaneshwar who are well trained and have years of experience in full home cleaning and strive to provide you with a shiny and clean home.

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Get professional home cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar for your “Home Sweet Home” now by booking online or by calling Favorz. We would love to give our skilled utility service that keeps you stress-free all along as we take care of your house impeccably.

Your happiness in our goal. If you are not happy we will work hard to make it right! Rescheduling, contacting professional home cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar and paying are just a tap away!

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  • Can you provide complete checklist for Home deep cleaning services in Bhubaneshwar?

    Favorz Home deep cleaning services in Bhubaneshwar includes the following:

    Bathroom Cleaning:

    • Cleaning of taps, floor and tiles
      WC, Seat, Washbasin using Tasking cleaning agent
    • Cleaning of mirrors, windows, fittings, door, exhaust fans and geyser


    Kitchen Cleaning:

    • Cleaning of windows and ventilators, ceiling fans, exhaust fans
    • Kitchen tiles and switch board
      Oil removal from doors and door handles
    • Cleaning of gas hobs/burner, Chimney hoods, Sink
    • Cleaning of all stainless steel and Chrome fittings
    • External cleaning of kitchen appliances like Refrigerator, Microwave etc
    • Cleaning of cabinets, floor cleaning, wiping and disinfection of desired areas


    General Living Room, Balcony & Drawing Room Cleaning:

    • Dusting, Sweeping and Mopping
    • Dusting vacuum cleaning of sofa, chair and carpets
    • Cleaning of windows, doors, fans, electrical fittings, switches
    • Cleaning of wardrobe, appliances, exterior areas for beds
    • Vacuuming of mattress
      Balcony floor cleaning and dusting of grill

  • What cleaning tools and equipment are used for Home deep cleaning service?

    Favorz home deep cleaning services in Bhubaneshwar includes the following:

    • High end dusting of your home in all non-reachable areas
    • Hard to reach areas including fans, exhausts, cobweb removal etc
    • Dry vacuuming of all fabric including sofa, carpet and chair
    • Deep cleaning of all the pantry area and bathrooms

  • Would the professional home cleaning service include cleaning of electrical and home appliances?

    It is inclusive of regular wiping/dusting of appliances, electrical fittings and fixtures like tube lights, fans, switches and sockets. Please note: Our home cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar does not include cleaning of appliances and lamp, inside of cupboard, almirahs and bookshelves.

  • How often should I go for home deep cleaning services in Bhubaneshwar?

    Our professionals home cleaners in Bhubaneshwar always advise to get professional home deep cleaning once in every 6 months.

  • What are the benefits of professional home cleaning service?

    Hiring an expert to deep clean your house obviously makes your life much easier and relieve you of daily chore. At the same time you will not be worried about cleaning your home during hectic days.

    Once you assign the cleaning task to the professionals home cleaners then there is no need to spend time on dusting, sweeping and other chores.

    Along with other additional benefits that includes getting rid of allergies and removing dust mites you need not worry about the molds and mildew build-up because the professionals know how to eliminate them.

    Keeps dust allergies away: Dust allergies are one of the main issues of many home. It not only causes itchy eyes and running nose but one can also develop allergies due to it. Professional uses high-end cleaning products to get rid of dust from your home. Furthermore, they utilize mechanized equipment for disinfecting your home which keeps the dust away.

    Reduces stress and fatigue: With this hectic schedule it sometimes gets difficult to manage both home and work. After an entire day of slogging outside you don’t have much time and energy left to clean the home and overextending might adversely affect your health. Professionals home cleaner will let you relax and take all your stress of cleaning on them.

    Provided Healthy Living: Our houses get dirty frequently and if this is left just like that, bacteria and germs start breeding in those areas. Even if you are regularly involved in basic cleaning you may not be able to eliminate bacteria completely. Professionals always stay well equipped with high-quality cleaning agents and they go an extra step to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect all those non-reachable areas of your home. This reduces the sickness and provides a healthier life.

    Saves Money: Regular deep cleaning helps to maintain your furniture as well. It not only increases longevity but also minimizes the chances of damage and repair.

    Protect your kids and other family members: Young kids are more susceptible to dust and infections and the best way to protect them are to keep the dust away.

    You get thorough deep cleaning: Professionals have the right tool and the supplies are designed in such a way that they disinfect and cleanse contaminants from your environment. Moreover, they know how to reach even the toughest areas which you and I simply can’t.

    If you need more information on how keep your house clean, call us at Call – +91 98183 52166/ +91 80104 89489 / 096258 68347 or Email at: Our home cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar will be ready to assist you.

  • Do you have any special package or offer for festival Home deep cleaning service?

    Yes, from time to time we keep on updating on different packages and offers, especially during festivals. We make sure that our customers get the best cleaning deal under the budget. To view amazing festive deals stay hooked to our Facebook page.

  • What preparations I need to do prior Home deep cleaning service?

    Ensuring little things from your end makes the complete house cleaning service worthwhile for you and us alike.

    • It is advisable to move the furniture for proper cleaning.
      It is recommended to keep all your valuable items properly.
    • Cover all the food items and keep it in the air tight container.
    • Pick up clothing, toys and other household items prior to a visit.

  • What is not included in home deep cleaning services in Bhubaneshwar?

    Cleaning of chandelier, terrace, drive ways and gardens is not included in professional home cleaning service. For this a separate request needs to be made.

  • Does your home deep cleaning service include cleaning of furniture?

    High-end dusting your furniture, showpieces is included in our home cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar.

  • I want to gift Favorz professional home cleaning service to my friend and relative. How can I do that?

    It’s easy just call us on:+91 80104 89489 or write to us at: and book the service that you want to gift. Also you can avail amazing offers and discounts.

  • What add-on services do you provide?

    Our top home deep cleaning service add on includes the following:

    • Sofa Cleaning
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Chair Cleaning
    • Mattress Cleaning
    • Floor Cleaning


    You can either include them individually or include it to home deep cleaning service, the choice is yours.

  • Do I need to be present when the home deep cleaning is being carried out?

    Yes. We would request someone to be present at the premises during the cleaning process.

  • How much time does professional home cleaning service takes?

    The total time for professional home cleaning service depends on the area of premises, the number of rooms etc. On an average a 3 BHK home would take around 6-7 hours. To know how much time it would exactly take reach out to us at: +91 80104 89489 or write to us at:

  • What is professional home deep cleaning?

    A deep cleaning process includes thorough intensive disinfection and cleaning of all those vital areas which are missed in daily cleaning routine. Our home deep cleaning service process ensures that we thoroughly clean, sanitize and disinfect every section and corner of your home, giving your house a five star feel.

  • What is the difference between home deep cleaning and regular cleaning?

    Most people are under this impression that home deep cleaning and regular cleaning is same but the fact is that it isnt. Let us help you understand the
    difference between the both in detail:

    Regular cleaning is carried out on day to day basis but deep cleaning is carried out every 6 months. In the deep cleaning process the professionals the deep grime and dirt in your home which is not possible in the regular day to day cleaning. It covers the areas which is not covered by regular clean. Even though we try to clean our home daily we still miss out all those critical areas. This result in illness, everything we touch is a breeding ground of germs and harmful particles. Favorz professional home cleaning service ensures that all the vital areas are not missed out.

  • Why should I trust Favorz home deep cleaning services in Bhubaneshwar?

    Team Favorz is proud to offer professional home cleaning service and employ professionals who are skilled in their work. We only onboard vendors after extensive background check. Each member is trained on every step of our detailed cleaning plans. This is just a few reasons why customers trust Favorz services.

  • How will our relationship work?

    At Favorz, we understand the importance of communication, especially when it comes to important valuables in your house and any specific cleaning requests that you may have. We value your trust and will go above and beyond to do everything possible to earn it by performing reliable and top-notch home deep cleaning service tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

  • Do I need to provide your team with my own cleaning equipment or supplies?

    No. Our team will arrive at your premises fully equipped.

  • What if I need to reschedule the service?

    If you wish to reschedule the service please give us a call about 72 hours before the service. We will do our best to accommodate the service according to your next schedule.

  • How often can you provide home deep cleaning services in Bhubaneshwar?

    Team Favorz is happy to provide you home cleaning service once a week, every other week, or once a month depending on your cleaning requirement. You can request home deep cleaning services in Bhubaneshwar for special events, move-in move out cleaning, apartment cleaning services etc.

  • Do you provide move-in and move-out cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar?

    Yes. Our expert home cleaners provide professional cleaning services for move in and move out. Our move in and move out cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar is thorough and totally disinfects and sanitizes the place.

  • Why should I hire Favorz home cleaning service in Bhubaneshwar?

    Trained Professionals: Favorz have a team of highly trained, trustworthy, verified and reliable home cleaning professionals who pay attention to all nooks and corners of your house. All our home cleaners are taken through a certain level of a background check before getting on board. Doing thorough and meticulous professional deep cleaning is their goal.

    Professional Grade Chemicals Used: We use high quality home cleaning products. The professionals make sure to properly deep clean your house thoroughly using the best quality product.

    Resilience & Flexibility: Favorz provides you with professional home cleaners in Bhubaneshwar at your doorstep. Who comes at your chosen place, time and date and meet all your cleaning needs perfectly.

    Favorz professional home cleaners in Bhubaneshwar try their best to provide complete customer satisfaction. Customer comfort is their highest priority while providing house cleaning services.

  • Why festive cleaning is needed?

    In today’s busy lives, one hardly gets time to complete all regular chores. So its always a good idea to delegate work and get some time for yourself. Plus the professionals will do a thorough home cleaning with their modern methods and professional equipment. They will also use quality home cleaning products and reach all corners that your inexperienced hands can’t reach. Moreover, getting your house cleaned thoroughly once a year is a good practice to keep diseases and pests at bay. Thus you should opt for professional home cleaning service to get your home sanitized and disinfected completely

  • Is any pre-preparation required from the customer's side for festive Cleaning?

    No we don’t expect the customers to do much. We just want you to remove your precious items and other materials that may come in the way of our professional home cleaners. And you should explain your requirements well to our professionals so they can meet your standards and provide complete customer satisfaction.


  • What is the end of tenancy cleaning?

    When a tenant moves out of the house they require thorough cleaning of the property so that it is representable to the new tenant.

  • Why end of tenancy cleaning or end of lease cleaning important?

    In order to ensure that the house is cleaned and presentable for the next tenant to move into.

  • How do I prepare myself for end of lease cleaning in Bhubaneshwar?

    • Turn off your kitchen appliances such as freezer and fridge a day before
    • Take out all your belongings and empty drawers and shelves.
    • Just make sure you have running water and electricity.

  • What all areas are the main priorities for pre-party cleaning in Bhubaneshwar?

    The first priority for the cleaning prior to the party is of course the main party area along with that floor, main bathroom, carpets, furniture, windows and kitchen are cleaned.

  • What all areas of the house should be the main focus in post party cleaning in Bhubaneshwar?

    Kitchen: Trash is removed. Sink is scrubbed thoroughly, cupboards and surfaces are cleaned. Followed by vacuuming and mopping the floors.

    Bathroom: Scrubbing and disinfecting of toilets and sink and thoroughly mopping of the floor.

    Common areas: Cleaning mirror and vacuuming or mopping the floor.

  • What if we have any special cleaning request?

    You can reach out to us at: +91 80104 89489 or write to us at: We will be happy to assist you. Either way, be sure to give us an advanced notice for requests that may take more than an extra 1/2 hour or so to complete.