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Professional Facade Cleaning Service in Greater Noida

The façade of your building is the first thing that catches the attention of the visitors. So, it is very important to keep this area of your building clean at all the time.

Façade is exposed to variety of climatic conditions which not only spoils the look of the structure but is also detrimental for the life of your building. Hence, this is where Favorz Professional Façade cleaning service in Greater Noida steps in.

A neat façade can help you maintain good impression. It makes you look professional, credible and welcoming.

Favorz is committed to completely remove the destroying pollutants and strive hard to ensure that the Façade of your building leaves an everlasting positive impression on your clients and employees.

Apart from this we also provide professional window cleaning service for commercial and residential sectors.

Maintaining the exterior of the façade not only helps to establish good image but also prevent deterioration of your structure.

So if you are looking for façade cleaning in Greater Noida, Give us a call today! Our completely skilled technicians ensures minimal disturbance to your operations.

Your happiness in our goal. If you are not happy we will work hard to make it right! Rescheduling, contacting professional Facade cleaning service in Greater Noida and paying is just a tap away

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  • What is façade cleaning?

    Façade is the front part of the building where the entrance is located and Facade cleaning is a process of making sure that the exterior of a building is clear of any dirt, grime, stains and pollutants.

  • Can I clean the façade of the building myself?

    Façade cleaning is a tricky task and the most important thing is using the correct equipment, cleaning solution. But the most essential point to note is that cleaning the façade of your building requires working at height. So, it is highly recommended to contact the professionals as they are rightly trained for this job.

  • What equipment is used for façade cleaning?

    Favorz have an access to the latest equipment. The tools that we use are of high specifications, extendable pressure washers, and steamers which have been especially designed for this type of cleaning work.

  • What are the various façade cleaning related service that you cater?

    • Façade/Glass Cleaning
    • Window washing
    • High pressure cleaning
    • House/Building Washing concrete cleaning
    • Cement removal
    • Builders clean

  • Do you carry out training of your staff?

    Yes, we do. Training of the staff is the most important element for us.

  • How long does façade cleaning take?

    Façade cleaning is totally different, hence the time for cleaning process might vary. So please plan accordingly.

  • What are the various façade cleaning methods?

    Here are the most common façade cleaning methods:

    • Water Based method
    • Chemical Cleaning

  • What are the different types of façade?

    • Glass façade: Glass façade are susceptible to scratches that are caused by grime etching.
    • Stone Cladding: They are resistant to moisture, insects and extreme temperatures including fire. Plus they are easy to maintain. Stone cladding are expensive but durable.
    • Metal façade: They are not prone to water damage, as metal façade neither rot or mold. But they are prone to rust and discoloration, if they are not thoroughly sealed and finished.
    • Wood façade: As they are prone to be attacked by termites. Wood façade needs to be treated with chemicals annually to keep them in good condition. It needs regular maintenance.

  • What is water based façade cleaning?

    There are three water based method:

    • Pressure washing
    • Soaking
    • Steam washing

    Pressure washing is the most common method. In this method the surface of the building is sprayed with a low to medium pressure water spray. Initially the pressures start low and then it is increased as required depending upon the build up of grime and dirt. Non-ironic detergents might be added to the water to get rid of oil based dirt.

    Soaking- In this method  the surface that is mostly exposed to rain is lightly sprayed over with water for several days. This helps to loosen the rigid crusts. Soaking is highly ideal for historic masonry.

    Steam cleaning- This process involves the use of hot water in high pressure to remove any accumulated soil deposits and plants. This process is not commonly used, but is a great option for cleaning stone that is sensitive to chemical cleaning products.

  • What is Chemical Cleaning?

    Chemical cleaning is highly effective method that helps to get rid of dirt as well as paint coatings, metallic stains etc. There are usually two different types of chemical cleaners:

    • Acid based cleaner- This is ideal for unglazed brick and terra cotta as well as the concrete and granite.
    • Alkaline cleaner- This is ideal for cleaning limestone, marble and chalky sandstones.

  • Why professional façade cleaning is important?

    • Extensive knowledge and access to right tools: Façade cleaning isn’t a straightforward task. Professionals are aware of the specific tools and the chemical agents that are most suitable for your façade cleaning needs.
    • Helps to promote positive image: A bright and clean image promote positive image. Hiring a professional façade cleaning service is always a better choice as they help you promote your image by making sure that every inch of the façade is spick and span.
    • Increases the life span: Leaving the façade unchecked and dirty builds up dirt and debris but getting is serviced and cleaned from time to time professionally will help to reduce the risk of cracks in the future.
    • Helps reduce damage: Continuous exposure to natural elements such as pollutants and dust particles can seriously affect and damage the strength of the façade overtime. When the building becomes weak then it can lead to costly damages. Maintaining it professionally from time to time will help to reduce damage.

  • What are the factors that determine the frequency of façade cleaning on your building?

    There are several factors that determine the frequency level:

    • Building purpose
    • Location
    • Weather
    • Type of business
    • Building style

    Medical facilities, restaurant and retail stores require façade cleaning on a regular basis as there industry requires that they always show a clean and healthy image.